Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Page Are We On?

We saw record stores begin to close as people moved to digital music. Now giant book stores are teetering on the brink of locking the doors because of the competition such as Amazon’s online bookstore, Kindle readers, and other digital media. Which brings up questions like:
What is the future of printed courseware materials in  the modern classroom?
Do I want or need a printed book when taking a class?
Does the type of class affect my decision?

These are the kinds of issues that come up as HLC works with the NAWC courseware design and development team to revamp Housing training courseware.

You can contribute to the future of Housing training. Let us know what you think by completing the short survey below or click this link: HLC Survey #1 


  1. I know it's not very "green" but I like to have printed books and/or materials for reference after the class is over.

  2. I Enjoyed taking the survey.