Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hail and Farewell to our HLC Curriculum Advisor

Gayle Breer, CNIC HQ N93
We had the pleasure of meeting Gayle Breer, our new N93 HLC Curriculum Advisor (CA),  here at the school on May 2, 2011. She was accompanied for her orientation by Karin George, our former CA. (More about that later).

Gayle has been with Navy Housing for about 9 years. She is one of the original CNI(C) employees. For the past few years, Gayle has served as the Congressional Liaison for Housing, working directly for Alan Bergo, Bill Pearson, and now Corky Vazquez. She has prepared and reviewed countless briefings, point papers, etc., so she has a solid understanding of our Housing Program.

We welcome Gayle Breer, our new N93 Housing Learning Center Curriculum Advisor, and look forward to working with her. Welcome Aboard, Gayle!

Karin George, CNIC HQ N92
Now comes the hard part. We have to say "Farewell" to Karin George, HLC's Curriculum Advisor since April, 2010. Karin worked hard to support the development of the new Housing training curriculum. She has a passion for the direction training is taking. She gathered information and contacts during her tenure that will be an asset to her successor.

Karin received a well-deserved promotion when she accepted her new position as CNIC N92 Deputy Foodservice Director. According to Karin, her new "office" is only a few feet away from her former. Stop by and say "Hello" to her if you're in the area. Congratulations, Karin! We'll miss you.

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